Leighton Noyes Illustration

Hello fans!

Hidden away from public view and forgotten about for many years, some say I'm an enigma wrapped in a riddle and dunked in a large pot of liquid shadow for added mystery.

Some say that their deepest fears and greatest hopes and aspirations are held within the tortured confines of my soul.

Some say my soul isn't tortured at all and that I'm just making that bit up.

But some say my wisdom is as ancient as the stars and twice as bright whilst others maintain that I'm just a children's book illustrator and open to commission to do piccies for anyone at any time.

So take a look through this brand new website and discover the truth behind the legend, the man behind the myth. Or, if you prefer, just take a look at some of my pictures and have a nice time.

Leighton Noyes

P.S. You can now get regular updates on my work at my
Six Million Dollar Blog!

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